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What you have to know about machine translation.

Our machine translator is powered by Deepl, a translation software that uses artificial intelligence. Deepl is said to be “3 times more accurate and subtle” than its closest competitors, Google, Microsoft or Amazon. Use it and you can verify these claims for yourself.
However, let's be clear: even if next-generation machine translators give a satisfactory result on a short text, a machine can never replace a human translator. Why not?

The machine translator provides a literal rendering that does not consider the context, while the human translator, who is often a native speaker, will be able to translate considering the context: habits and customs, history, language practices, etc.

For example, the machine translator does not distinguish double meanings, puns, metaphors and idiomatic expressions.
It does not know how to handle homonyms, syntactic ambiguities, the introduction of foreign words, abbreviations or words that begin with a capital letter but are not proper nouns.
Finally, we still see machine translations mixing formal and informal tones, in languages where this applies.

If you are working in a sector where precision is important (technical, legal, medical, financial, etc.), we do not recommend machine translation. Choose a 100% human translation.

For this reason, we invite you to discover our translation process in the following article.

Our translation process.

1. The first step is to read the text to be translated in its entirety, as many times as necessary, in order to gain an overall understanding, determine the language register, the field of application, and detect any particularities.

2. The second step consists in translating the text by rendering the global meaning but in such a way that it seems to have been written directly in French.
This stage ends with a first rereading before a break which aims to detach oneself from it for a while.

3. The third step is a second rereading, which aims to identify any clumsiness and to reformulate, if necessary.
In spite of all the checks, it may happen that a misplaced comma, a forgotten “s” or an extra “s” is overlooked. After all, to err is human . To make sure we don't miss these little details, we use an automatic spell and grammar checker.

4. Fourth step, your text or document is converted to Pdf, Word or plain text format, according to your wishes.

Finally, we think it is important to mention a few things about the security and confidentiality of your documents.
Only one translator is in charge of translating them. The other translators do not have access to his work and vice versa. Any instructions you may have left will be respected. We promise not to disclose the content of your documents.
You can find more details about the privacy policy of the site by visiting the dedicated page.


Service Machine translation Proofreading and correction by a human
Translation into french Free
  • Up to 500 words: 5€
  •     Up to 1000 words: 10€
  •     Up to 1500 words: 15€
  •     Up to 2000 words: 20€


Type or copy the text to be translated into this editable field.

Number of possible characters:
At least two characters are required to activate a translation. The final number of characters will depend on the words length of your text.

Possible number of words:
Up to 2000 words. A counter shows you the number of words in your text.
Warning: if you paste a text that exceeds 2000 words, it will be automatically cut to fit the required number of words.

Accepted languages:
English and Spanish. Any other language submitted for translation will generate an error message.

This field contains the result returned by the automatic translator. It cannot be edited.

Save or copy the result of the automatic translation:
To save or copy the translation, click on the icon in the area that will appear under the right frame.

Machine translation is free. It is supported by advertising.
Advertising is displayed on the site pages and during the generation of the machine translation result.

To obtain a proofread version of the generated machine translation, please fill out the form below the right frame and follow the process for payment validation.

Frequently asked questions.

No. We only translate into French. And until further notice, the original texts must be in English or Spanish.

Two cases are to be considered:
1. You use machine translation. Your text is not stored at any time. The automatic translator processes the data provided to it and returns the result to be displayed. Everything is deleted when you leave the page.
2. You request human intervention. Your text is first stored in a database on a secure server while the translation is being carried out.
It is then stored under the conditions mentioned in our política de privacidad.

For now, we prefer to limit the document to be translated to 2000 words.

In order to respect the different stages of our translation process, the delivery times are as follows:
up to 2 working days for 2000 words;
up to à 3 working days for 2000 words;
up to à 4 working days for 1500 words;
up to 5 working days for 2000 words.


Artificial intelligence is becoming increasingly important in our lives. It helps to solve some problems faster than a human brain would take months or even years.
It has been used in translation for some time now and seems to be producing more and more amazing results. But it will probably never replace humans in this field. We will always need the human touch.

This site offers translation services that combine artificial intelligence with human intervention where necessary.

It starts with a spelling and grammar correction service in various languages. There is a service for translating text from English and Spanish into French (other languages will be added over time).

We are also working on text-to-voice and voice-to-text, as well as text-to-image.

All of this is coming soon, but we want to take the time to properly configure, program and set up each service.

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